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staduim constructionThe Team at IBS is in a constant state of re-invention to deliver the latest innovations in thin-brick liner systems. We are engaging in sustainable design, simplistic installation, superior finished products and results that matter to the design community. From a LEED perspective, we have our recyclable polystyrene liner made from post-industrial materials and re-grinds which allows building owners potential credits in Materials & Resources under the USGBC certification program.

There is unlimited design potential to incorporate the embedment of thin-brick into projects. This means, if architects can draw it and design it into a commercial building, we can create the liner system to allow thin-brick as a viable replacement for full-face brick. Our engineering and design teams are reviewing projects with design professionals to maximize foot-prints and minimize overall core & shell construction costs.

Our entire team understands how to overcome unique design challenges. Because of our keen eye for reviewing CAD drawings and plans our clients benefit by us having general construction knowledge, precise design experience and the creativity to explore cutting edge technologies and processes to meet client requests to embed thin-brick in many building types. Clients wanting casted thin-brick will have very few design limitations working with Innovative Brick Systems (IBS).

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