Brick Faced Concrete Walls - Embedded Brick

Our Proven System

The Mbrick™ System and our flagship VERSA LINER®, are a family of products and methods for embedding thin brick into concrete walls to achieve the appearance of laid-up brick without the time and costs inherent in brick and mortar construction.

The VERSA LINER® is a patented, single use liner system that offers a multitude of advantages to architects, contractors, wall panel producers, and owners/developers.

For the Wall Panel Producer:

• Easy to Use - The Versa Liner helps make panel set-up easy. And the clean-up/removal steps are surprisingly fast. Just peel off the liner, pressure wash the panel to remove wax and you're done!
• More Variety - The VERSA LINER® is just that, a versatile family of integrated patterns from arches, to accents, to corbelled bands, to mixed brick sizes. What’s more, we supply thin brick from well established brick and tile manufacturers, offering hundreds of combinations of colors, blends, shapes, and finishes.
• Efficient Bed Utilization - TheVERSA LINER® is nearly transparent to the casting process. Specifically, we have designed the VERSALINER® to minimize any special set-up considerations, eliminated the need to prioritize panel production, and to otherwise eliminate the investment producers make in archaic elastomeric liners.
• There is no need to raise your casting bed forms to compensate for the liner thickness
• There is no need to artificially plan out your panel production in order to save your investment in an elastomeric liner.
• There is no need to clean and store the liner after use.

With VERSA LINER®, wall producers can use all available beds and forming areas for concurrent production of even the most varied brick panels. An unused casting bed is a perishable asset. Let us help you put it to use!

For the Architect:

• Greater Design Options - The VERSA LINER® system matches virtually any brick design. Arches integrated with a variety of field patterns, attractive transitions to non-brick surfaces, corbelled accents, and other design elements are routine for the Team at Innovative Brick. To further round out the design and creative options for our clients our thin brick sources are unmatched in colors, sizes and textures.
• Design Support - Our in-house expertise draws on nearly 35 years of combined experience. We are capably staffed to assist in detailing out brick designs for your project, we currently work in AUTOCAD, Solidworks and Rhino design programs.
• Seamless Cove Joints - For superior weatherability, lasting durability and a realistic finish. Our VersaLiner® system produces finished joints that have the appearance of a Mason’s touch.

For the Owner/Developer:

• Possession of a beautiful brick-clad building with accelerated construction and enclosure time.
• More leasable and usable square footage- In many applications, a high performance concrete wall with embedded Mbrick is 8” to 10” thick while a conventional laid-up brick wall is 16” to 18” thick.
Click here for a look at just how better an embedded thin Mbrick wall can be for a building owner.
• A quality structure at a lower cost- quicker construction time, lasting durability, aesthetically appealing all at lower costs to the owner.
• Reduced TCO (total cost of ownership)-because of the inherent durable properties of concrete walls with an embedded Mbrick finish, the long-term maintenance is greatly reduced, lowering building operation costs.


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embedded brick wall

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