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How does a superior construction supply company win the ears, hearts and referrals of their clients around the globe? By offering the latest in sustainable commercial design ideas in thin-brick and form liners and backing it up with trust, expertise and experience. Innovative Brick Systems has been doing this for over 10 years and we continue to capture the attention of the most discriminating architects, precast producers, tilt-wall contractors and building owners in the industry.

Our partnerships have grown over the years as new and repeat business continues to fuel the growth and expanded services at Innovative Brick. We partner with Architects in the early stages to ensure proper specifications in the construction documents. The exploration of ideas and design concepts are realized with our attention to detail and creative knowledge. The Team at IBS develops relationships with building owners and developers to assist in creating the desired façade. Owners come to understand the unique benefits of going with high performance wall systems with embedded thin-brick after working with the team of experts at IBS. We then manage our key partnerships with the end-users of our liner systems to ensure exacting standards are met with Precast Wall Producers and Tilt-Wall Contractors. The end users of our liners are the critical link in putting together the entire system and our relationships, team collaboration and attention to detail ensures success at every level.

We have learned from our experience that trust comes from thorough needs analysis, constant communication, detailed planning and execution on final delivery to the client. These components allow for the success of Innovative Brick Systems and the endeavor to achieve perfection. The best part of our business is that our clients benefit on each and every project. From the efficient installation using our Patented VersLiner® to the aesthetic superiority of the finished wall panel with embedded thin-brick, thousands of users have grown accustom to the ease and appearance of our products and services.


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