Our Green Commitment to the Concrete Construction Industry


The whole team at IBS strives to promote and actively participate in the reduction of the carbon footprint created by our business and those in the construction Industry. By creating sustainable products and services and by helping others become aware of the sustainable practices available, we will have shaped a solid foundation to further build upon with our planet and people in mind. We will have done so with maintaining our integrity, product quality and the economy of our endeavors.

energy efficient construction


Because of the inherent impacts of the construction industry we constantly strive to increase efficiencies and awareness in an effort to reduce waste and emissions with our designs, products and services. As a leader in our industry we have created the processes and activities that help reduce our impact in the industry and on the planet. We further acknowledge the unique challenges of our mission and have committed to success through diligence, creative thinking and awareness of the constant changes in our business. Our entire team practices sustainable activities every day as we get into the more complicated realm of maintaining and re-inventing our green commitment.


As recently as a few years back it was easy for an organization say they were ‘green’ by simply starting a recycling program around the office. In this day and age we believe it takes a full investment in our people and in everything we do to accomplish our goals.

Currently at Innovative Brick Systems we employ the following activities to fulfill our commitment:

  • Continually seeking new alternatives to energy reducing manufacturing techniques.
  • Recycling office waste with single-stream containers-currently recycling approximately 90% of all office waste.
  • Purchasing office products that have recycled content, some containing as much as 40% recycled content
  • Reducing energy consumption my actively managing the indoor climate and thermal controls and using outdoor air as a moderator of indoor temperatures
  • Engaging vendors to enhance their products by increasing recycled content, reducing packaging and ship materials in ways to reduce carbon emissions-freight consolidation and clean burning diesel.
  • Procurement and manufacturing from 100% recycled content Polystyrene liner sheets. Raw sheet material is made out of our own regrinds, scraps and non-virgin resources.
  • Proactively working with clients to have the used liner recycled either at our main warehouse or direct to their local recyclers.

We have quantifiable results in our efforts as we continue to evolve and recognize the importance of a sustainable future. Our Green Commitment will continue for the months and years to come, if you have suggestions please ‘contact us’ with helpful feedback.

Innovative Brick; An environmentally conscious company providing environmentally friendly products.