Government, Office and Healthcare Projects

Public service, office and healthcare buildings will vary considerably in size, architecture and structure. Brick is often called for to match existing structures, meld into the community or to provide a defining statement. Thin brick embedded in high performance concrete walls is unmatched for strength, appearance and long-term durability. With the inherent properties of brick and concrete (without the imperfections of traditional masons work), building owners have nearly eliminated long term façade maintenance by going with the brick liner systems from Innovative Brick.

Our experience and expertise have allowed us the opportunity to work with many governments and office and healthcare institutions in creating the perfect solution without comprising demanding budget constraints. Whether you choose to embed thin brick or add architectural details to match existing facilities, we are able to create the liner system that is right for your specific project. Our design team can assist with panel layout, brick coursing, transition details and other construction features found in the most elite buildings around the country.


• City Hall and administration facilities
• Court houses
• Government office buildings
• General office buildings(single to multi-story)
• Correctional facilities
• Transportation depots


• Aesthetically pleasing structure
• Functionality with reduced façade maintenance
• Durable, long lasting quality
• Seamless joint formations
• Flexibilty to meet varied design needs
• Integration of brick into other concrete features

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Project Profiles:

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 brick embedded in tilt up concrete


thin brick panels