Owners + Developers

Envisioning a construction project of any scope is a challenge that has complexities beyond what most could imagine. Creating the vision of how to create the ‘perfect’ project often comprises aspects such as ROI and TCO. The challenge will continue when decisions are made of footprint size, sustainability, construction methods, personnel and many facets surrounding various phases of development and construction.

Innovative Brick Systems allows owners and developers to make easy decisions on certain components of their project:

  • Building Façade Options
  • Construction Methods
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Value Engineering
  • Architectural appeal
  • Accelerated Construction Schedules

We have recently surpassed the 9 million square feet benchmark of embedded thin-brick and formliners on various projects across North America. Our Liner systems allow the most efficient method of embedding thin-brick and artistic patterns into high performance concrete wall panels.

Project experience includes these and other types of structures:

  • Big and medium box retail/Malls
  • Parking Garages
  • Sports facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Office and Medical buildings
  • Municipal dwellings

Tilt-Up contractors and Precast wall producers place a heavy reliance on our constant attention to detail and ability to solve unique design challenges on every project. They have come to expect the best in quality and expertise.

As we grow and re-invent, we understand the need to step in and solve problems and provide solutions at every phase of construction. From conceptual to design to panel forming to clean-up, we are there every step of the way.


Call us on your next project for our expert design and consultation services.


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