Parking Decks

Thin Brick Applications:

• Modern parking demands.
• Large and small jobs, phased projects.
• Compliments mass transit.
• In conjunction with retail, office, medical, sports.
• Multi-function buildings that incorporate parking.
• “A natural” for thin brick embedded in precast.

Embedded Brick Benefits:

• Parking can be beautiful.
• Can match existing buildings.
• Unlimited architectural possibilities.
• Can be delivered fast.
• Is more cost effective.
• Minimal jobsite interruption.
• Primarily for precast.

Needs: function, appearance, specific to precast,

Values: economical, ability to match existing buildings, architectural freedom

Functionality and value are crucial. Appearance is often important, but it can conflict with function and value. It is often deemed unnecessary, or too costly.

A creative solution to the “ugly parking deck” has been evolving over the last ten years. Precast concrete with an embedded thin brick veneer is that solution.

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Project Profiles:

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 thin brick construction
   Gate Precast - La Grange Parking Deck

 cast in brick
   TPAC, University of Arizona

brick and concrete panels
   Calvert Street Parking Garage
   Precaster: Shockey Precast