Peripherals and Equipment

Utilizing the proper equipment and supplies is paramount with any construction job. Innovative Brick Systems stocks a complete line of necessary equipment including brick trays, templates and brick liners.

From form cutters to release agents we’ll have your team covered to complete the job to the demanding expectations of your clients. No details are left to chance with our equipment and supplies. Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3.

Aesthetic enhancements and valuable timesavers for quality brick panels.

• Accent Edge Joint: A re-usable continuous 3/8” joint rustication that integrates with VERSA LINER®. Great for terminating brick to concrete.

• Concrete Retarders and Release agents: Innovative supplies it’s own line of products to ensure the best quality wall panel production. These products have been designed and field tested to meet the unique demands of Precast and Tilt-wall producers.

• VERSA LINER® Logan 650 Sheet Cutter: From the manufacturers of the Logan line of cutters and accessories, the 650 Cutter makes quick and precise work of trimming our VERSA LINER® on site. This timesaver sets up right next to the form and creates a straight and accurate cut for precision liner setup.

• MBrick™ Adhesive: This high quality pressure sensitive adhesive offers a surprisingly strong bond for suspended thin bricks on vertical panel returns. Just a quick spread of MBrick™ Adhesive—followed by a cure time of between 1hr to overnight (depending on ambient temperature)—and you have an instant bond that holds for virtually any type of concrete pour. The cleanup is easy. And the end result? Another beautiful brick panel.

To order any thin brick equipment and supplies just call us or one of our distributors.


brick tray
Accent Edge Joint

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Accent Edge Joint Look

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Logan 650 Sheet Cutter