Precast Wall Construction With Embedded Brick

As Innovative Brick evolved it quickly became apparent that precast construction technology was one to embrace and understand. Producers have gone from ‘structural precast’ with simple lines, engineering straightforwardness and concrete-grey finishes to elaborate ‘architectural precast’ with sophisticated lines, engineering exactness and high-end finishes to meet the growing demands of building owners.

Precast producers have come to rely on our innovation, consistency in quality and our "think outside the box" approach when evaluating thin-brick possibilities. The evaluation process starts early in the early phases of construction to determine exact needs and avoid potential roadblocks in design, wall production and construction schedules. Other benefits include;

  • Efficient lay-out and wall panel production with patented VersaLiner® (labor savings). Accelerated enclosure time for the building owner
  • LEED credit potential under Sustainable Sites (SS) 1.0, Material & Resources (MR) 2.1, 4.1 and under Innovation in Design(ID) 1.1-1.4
  • Reduced costs for constructing brick façade with stripping and clean-up time greatly reduced
  • Long-term maintenance costs are virtually eliminated
  • Widest selection of thin-brick colors, textures and sizes
  • Seamless joints-appearance of a mason-built structure
  • Full design, application and installation support from our Team

Close working relationships with our clients and one-on-one assessments for each project allow for achievement of the project team ’s goals and objectives when utilizing thin-brick liners for precast applications. Our project expertise includes Education facilities, medical and office building, civic work, parking garages, sports complexes, big-box retail and urban mixed use projects.

Architectural Precast Case Studies

University of North Florida Social Sciences Building

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