Thin Brick Panel Products

liner tray splitface brick liner trays

One of the many key benefits of working with Innovative Brick Systems is the ability to select from a variety of different liner systems. From traditional modular running bond patterns to Utility (jumbo) size stack bond patterns, we offer clients the full spectrum of choices. This is particularly helpful to design professionals looking for just the right look of their building.

The line of Innovative products and services offer the end-users (Precast Wall Producers and Tilt-Up Contractors) the ability to compete in arenas they’ve previously by-passed. Our systems are designed to be user-friendly, economical and produce a finished concrete wall panel that gives the architectural appearance of a mason-built structure.

Our product line is backed by a satisfaction guaranteed philosophy. We support each new user to Innovative Bricks Systems with a site visit by a trained technical member of our team. This ensures that every job is a success when using our products and services.

The high-performance concrete wall panel of today is constantly evolving with technical upgrades and enhancements in production methodologies. What used to be a traditional Brick-Faced Concrete Wall is now a fully insulated, environmentally sound wall panel what maximizes usable floor space and minimizes environmental impacts during construction. Other design options include the use of Architectural Formliners allowing owners, architects and end-users an ease in executing visions and ideas into reality. And finally when it comes to the production team going to work on the wall panels that have been designed, we make it easy with our Peripherals and Equipment.

Our attention to detail and long history of providing solutions for embedded brick and formliner projects has garnered the attention of designers, contractors and users across North America. Call us today to learn more or involve us to assist your team on the next project.

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