Brick Wall Panel Projects

brick facades thin veneer brick wall panels concrete slab tilt up


Throughout the years the construction project profiles at Innovative Brick Systems (IBS) have evolved into creative aspirations and innovations. We have been privileged to be part of thousands of construction projects across the Nation, each one raising the bar on our expectations and pushing the envelope of possibilities when designing with Thin-Brick and architectural formliners.

Our experience with Schools and Universities, Retail and big-box outlets, Municipal buildings, office and medical facilities, Parking decks and Sporting & Events centers have created a high-level of trust and expertise with owners, architects, builders and subcontractors. The evolution of Innovative Brick System’s approach to customer satisfaction has not changed over the years. Our Team is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction on every job with every customer at every level.

The level of confidence at IBS to meet the growing demands of the building community has grown due to the expectations placed upon our entire team. From our extensive work with Parking Decks to the detailed design and installation work with Schools and Universities, clients have come to expect perfection from IBS.

We endeavor to create products and services where there are no limitations in design, application or installation with thin-brick and formliners. The next generation of construction projects is upon us and IBS is taking the challenge of new project design every day at every opportunity