Retail and Commercial Brick Veneer Construction

Commercial real estate ventures often require a maximum return in a short period to satisfy top investors & developers. Those properties that have accelerated construction time, minimal site disruptions and possess appealing architectural detail are the most desirable portfolio assets.

Practical for both tilt-up and precast construction methods, thin brick exteriors embedded in concrete walls is the preferred method for retail and commercial establishments. This level of detail and aesthetic value on commercial properties will meet the demands of the new generation of building owners and developers.

While not only appealing to the building owner, our efficient system for embedding brick enhances the production capabilities for the precast plant and tilt up contractors as well. Our system allows producers and contractors to easily and efficiently design and form high performance concrete walls with thin brick facades. Our patented liners allow producers the ease of bed assembly, quality assurance and accelerated wall panel completion time.


• Department stores and big box retail
• Restaurants
• Hotels and motels
• Shopping malls and courts
• Warehousing and cold storage


• Reduced time to completion and accelerated cash flow
• Equally practical for tilt-up and precast
• Architectural freedom
• Ease of integration with brick and finished concrete features and shapes
• Seamless architectural transitions and seamless joints

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Project Profiles:

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 embedded thin brick

 brick embedded in precast