Shadow Graphics

Original image for Shadow Graphics Shadow Graphic CNC Tool Shadow Graphics Installation

Artwork in concrete, true to life images of nature, history, geometric patterns or designs are possible. The next generation in architectural concrete design, Shadow Graphics by Innovative will generate life like images on cast concrete surfaces. The Shadow Graphic system gives architects and designers the ability to conceive and create almost any graphic design in concrete wall panels, spandrels, columns and beams. The image is taken from a high resolution photograph or graphic design work, and then the image is engraved as small V groves into the surface of a mold using a CNC milling machine. The overall size of the image is limited to the capacity of the CNC machine, roughly 4 foot by 10 foot. From this master mold milling an architectural concrete form liner is created. These concrete form liners are produced for single cast or multiple cast applications. The images or form liners can stacked or assembled in a mosaic to enlarge to overall size of the finished motif. It is best to contact us early in the design stage to discuss the process in more detail

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