Embedded Split-Face Thin Block in Precast and
Tilt-up Panel Construction Specifications

mbrick linerConcrete wall producers are now able to achieve a split-face block façade using thin-blocks. The unique formliner expands the competitive possibilities firms face in today’s tilt wall and precast wall marketplace.

As the market for embedded concrete façades evolves into ever changing possibilities, Innovative Brick Systems is leading the way. The new VersaLiner® system for casting thin-block allows owners, designers and contractors the ability to raise the bar on today’s built environment. Meeting sustainable standards, rapid enclosure times, ease of installation, and having a completely durable, monolithic structure are all accomplished with VersaLiner® systems.

Insulated panels? No problem. Unique Color requests? No problem. LEED goals? No problem. Custom joint sizes? No problem. Owners are turning toward innovative and smart approaches to facility construction.

Thinking smart has been the cornerstone of Innovative Brick for years, and embedding split-face materials embraces this concept with engineering excellence and industry expertise. Tilt Wall and Precast Wall construction methods produce high performance architectural panels with simplicity in form and superiority in function. The casting process eliminates masonry labor and clutter by simply embedding the thin split face block into structural or architectural panels of any size.

There are no better or smarter means to construct lasting, durable structures. From the 1st generation of VersaLiner® to this latest innovation, owners and designers have come to expect the best, most efficient embedded formliners in the industry.

Why Embed Split Face Thin Block?

Exclusive Features of Latest VersaLiner® System

• Two-part system ensuring efficient installation and production compatibility
• Self compressing support pods™ for level, consistent depth in casting
• Deep mortar joints to replicate hand-laid CMU block construction
• Precision engineered system allows tight nesting for reduced leakage

Unique Benefits of Embedding Thin-Block

• Simple, efficient process
• Reduced embodied energy compared to full size CMU blocks (Green Building)
• Site disturbance reduced from lack of mason labor force on site
• Reduced potential for moisture penetration (mold and mildew prevention)
• Thermal characteristics and enhanced “R” values when combined with insulated panels
• Exceptional durability, extending building life
• Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with façade maintenance eliminated
• No tuck pointing, no sealing, no painting or staining, just cast them in, erect the panel, strip the liners, pressure wash the residue and you’re done!

Applications: Tilt up or Precast Construction

• Schools + Universities
• Military Housing
• Retail + Mall Developments
• Parking Decks
• Security + Confinement
• Office + Medical
• Faith + Religious Buildings

Design Ideas for Embedded Split Face Thin Block

• Use as wainscoting with transition to Thin-Brick
• Complete Building façade with intricate color changes
• Elevated design bands
• Alternating bond configurations for enhanced appearances

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