Sporting and Event Center Construction Projects

Many of the sports and events centers built in recent years have combined modern seating standards with traditional brick clad architecture. Both precast and tilt-up applications can benefit greatly by combining reinforced concrete with embedded thin brick.


• Stadiums
• Theaters
• Clubhouses
• Museums


• Time Savings
• Beauty of Brick - exterior and interior finishes
• Faster Construction - less materials and labor
• Wide variety of brick choices and patterns
• Stronger and lighter than standard masonry
• Combination of brick and architectural concrete finishes
• Combined strength of brick and concrete
• Maintenance free finish

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Project Profiles:

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tilt up walls
Lucas Oil / Indianapolis Colts Stadium

brick veneer thin brick
Citadel Palladium

brick veneer thin brick
Athletic Complex St Norbert
Precaster: Spancrete & Robinson Brick