Thin Brick and Porcelain Tile

By selecting the right embedded thin-brick system buildings achieve outstanding qualities in aesthetics, durability and sustainability. We have chosen to work with only the highest quality and most experienced thin-brick and porcelain tile manufactures across the nation.

Choosing the proper thin-brick or porcelain tile for each project is not a simple process. Our team is available to get involved early in the design phase to ensure the selection process (color, texture, size, manufacturer, etc) will achieve the desired results set forth by the owner. We then work alongside the contractors to evaluate exact needs with corner pieces, edge-caps, returns and other unique thin-brick or porcelain tile components. Brick veneers and porcelain veneers are fast becoming the choice for lasting and durable architectural facades.

For Innovative Brick, our success is a result of going beyond the products we sell. Our service and expertise are the primary components of our business where our clients benefit the most. We work alongside the contractors and review drawings to assist in determining the proper quantities with a take-off. We are also ready to evaluate LEED potential utilizing a thin-brick or porcelain tile system for those owners seeking certification through the USGBC or other green-building program.

Sustainable Benefits Of Thin-Brick and embedded Porcelain Tile Wall Systems Compared To Full-Face Brick

• Less natural gas usage in the kilns
• Reduced transportation emissions
• Embodied energy reduction
• Less raw material extraction
• Packaging requirements reduced
• Extreme durability with being cast into concrete

Contact us to learn more about our sustainability programs, LEED credit potential and commitment to preserving natural resources for the built environment.

We are proud to be certified distributors for these leading thin-brick manufacturers:

We stand behind these top brands with service, support and on-site installation assistance. The select thin-brick or porcelain tile, combined with our VersLiner® system provides a complete package to ensure responsive communication, timeliness in delivery and true value for each project.

Call (800) 413 - 4588 to discuss the many options for thin brick projects.

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