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Tilt construction methods have been in a constant state of development and improvement.

The traditional ‘grey-box’ construction of warehouses and factories has evolved into exquisite schools and modern office buildings. This evolution is taking place to match the market-place demands of building owners and developers that are continually looking for high-quality construction methods with value engineered results and appearances.

This method of construction plays a key role in allowing building exteriors to have high-end thin-brick finishes without the cost or time of traditional masons. Thin-brick systems have the unique benefits Tilt contractors are looking for to help them grow their business and compete in new arenas:

  • Efficient lay-out and wall panel production with patented VersaLiner® (labor savings)
  • Accelerated enclosure time
  • LEED credit potential under Sustainable Sites (SS) 1.0, Material & Resources (MR) 2.1, 4.1 and under Innovation in Design(ID) 1.1-1.4
  • Reduced costs for constructing brick façade with stripping and clean-up time greatly reduced
  • Long-term maintenance costs are virtually eliminated
  • Widest selection of thin-brick colors, textures and sizes
  • Seamless joints-appearance of a mason-built structure
  • Full design, application and installation support from our Team

These tangible benefits allow our Tilt-Wall clients to expand into markets and projects previously bypassed or ignored all together. Opportunities are what we feel Tilt Wall contractors are striving to seize and Innovative Brick Systems is your perfect partner. We have many other products and services catering to the Tilt-Wall contractors, email or call us today to find out how simple and efficient it is to use our thin-brick and liner systems.

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